How to Build Your Brand with LinkedIn Stories 7 Ideas’Tips

Developing Your Brand name with LinkedIn Stories: 7 Ideas & Ideas

First, it had been Instagram adding IG Tales. Then Facebook achieved it. Now…LinkedIn Tales? For why?!

Properly, because you will want to? The more methods to share everything you or your corporation is doing in a great and engaging method, the better.

linkedin stories—examples

The most famous professionals on LinkedIn frequently talk with best practices at work, like hiring the proper people, tackling scheduling problems, or fundraising. Think about LinkedIn stories as yet another outlet to talk about your organization challenges, accomplishments, and everyday fun duties.

If you’ve already been watching others’ tales on LinkedIn and desire to join the celebration, we’ve got the facts on:

  • What LinkedIn Tales are
  • How exactly to create a LinkedIn Tale
  • Concepts for LinkedIn Tales
  • LinkedIn Story guidelines

Just how do LinkedIn Stories function?

Like Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram, LinkedIn Stories are bits of content it is possible to post to your user profile that last a day before disappearing.

The utmost amount of time for a LinkedIn Tale is 20 seconds. It is possible to upload a picture from your own library or snap an image or movie in real-time. And you will add multiple pictures or movies to your Tale at the same time for customers to tap through.

To see your tale, or others’, simply tap on the circular user profile photos that come in the very best of the LinkedIn cellular app.

Do you know the LinkedIn Story specifications?

In accordance with LinkedIn, here are the recommended dimensions for adding photos from your own camera roll:


  • Quality: 1080 (w) x 1920 (h) px
  • Body: 30 FPS, square pixels
  • Supported document varieties: H264, MP4
  • Aspect Ratio: 9:16


  • Quality: 1080 (w) x 1920 (h) px,
  • Supported file kind: PNG, JPG
  • Factor Ratio: 9:16

How do you create a LinkedIn Tale?

It is possible to only increase your (or your organization’s) LinkedIn tale from the cellular app. Just open up the app, go for your profile photograph or your organization’s, and invite LinkedIn to gain access to your camera and pictures.

linkedin stories—"your story" button at top of linkedin app

What features can be found with LinkedIn Tales?

Like Instagram and Facebook Stories, you’ve got a few different choices for making your Tale engaging and genuine.

Include stickers

In order to get creative, it is simple to put in a sticker or textual content to your image or video.

linkedin stories—story with sticker or text added

Post to “Today’s Issue”

You can even engage your fans by asking the issue of your day. The solutions your followers provide might help one to gather insights, suggestions, and other information so that you can better connect to your audience.

linkedin story example using question of the day

Tag customers in your LinkedIn Tale

Remember, exactly like any various other social media marketing platform, users react far better human faces. Don’t end up being shy to showcase your workers, clients, partners, and traders. It is possible to tag them in the tale using their LinkedIn deal with.

linkedin stories example of tagging in story

Right now it is possible to tag people in LinkedIn Stories, however, not businesses.

Add hyperlinks to your LinkedIn Tale

And the very best component is that you do not even have to be verified to consist of a web link in your tale.

linkedin stories—add link to story

Tale insights

While your story will be live, you will see insights via the LinkedIn cellular app. Included in these are unique views, audiences, and link clicks, in the event that you include a swipe-up hyperlink in your tale.

Navigate to your story, open up it, and in underneath corner, you’ll have the ability to look at insights.

How do you conserve, edit, or delete my LinkedIn tale?

To save lots of your Story, you should do so within a day. Simply tap the Tale you submitted, tap on the Even more icon in the very best right corner, and choose the Download icon for the reason that list.

It is possible to delete your tale by following same methods above, but selecting the Trash icon.

Sadly, you can’t edit a tale after it’s been published.

What must i article to my LinkedIn Tale?

If you’re any thing like me, when planning a sociable calendar, you sort content material into different buckets. Enjoyable, light, casual articles gets submitted on Facebook, while more official information, content material releases, and partnership-related activities look at LinkedIn.

Nevertheless, LinkedIn stories will be the platform’s method of getting ultimately more friendly and informal, like Instagram or Twitter. Lean involved with it! Believe of it in this manner: if you’re a small business selling to some other businesses, your ideal target audience will be on LinkedIn. LinkedIn tales give you another possibility to show a fresh side of your brand name.

Highlight the hustle

I’ve said it as soon as (in this article), I’ve said it one thousand times. Humans prefer to see other human beings behind the brand names they like. Show your workers having a great time creating awesome items. While that probably appears like many people in Zoom meetings at this time, think of creative methods to highlight your individuals.

linkedin stories—behind the scenes example

I’m a large fan of experiencing your workers consider candid selfies from your home. How many folks are wearing pajama jeans and a button-down t-shirt? Who’s taking important phone calls while strolling their dog? That’s the kind of relatable content most of us need at this time.

Real-time up-dates

Attending a meeting? Hosting a podcast? Starting a fresh office? Sounds like an ideal type of articles for a LinkedIn tale. Give your supporters a visit of the event from your own perspective.

Remember, real-time improvements are *exactly* what tales are created for. Don’t become shy to keep items unpolished in your tales. We want to start to see the faces behind the business enterprise.

Idea leadership and AMA

While going go on Facebook, Instagram, Clubhouse, or any platform is enjoyable, it’s definitely not the platforms your viewers is browsing. Once more, LinkedIn for the earn.

LinkedIn articles daily queries that you could answer in your tales, but your group should experience empowered to create and answer queries yourselves. What questions can you customers inquire you? What conundrums possess your group found the solutions to?

linkedin stories—thought leadership and AMA example

Better still, request your founders or believed leaders in your organization to engage within an AMA. After that you reach engage directly together with your market.

Official information

Lastly, go on and give your huge announcements a supplementary push with a particular LinkedIn story focused on introducing your information. This may be anything from item launches, brand-new partnerships, finishing a circular of financing, or reaching a worker milestone.

LinkedIn Story guidelines

LinkedIn Tales are the platform’s method of getting ultimately more friendly and informal, like Instagram or Twitter. Lean involved with it! Right here are some guidelines for publishing to your individual or professional page tales.

Talk about bite-sized updates

While LinkedIn allows articles as high as 20 seconds, I would recommend cutting that into shorter, engaging parts. Think about Stories such as a flipbook. You need each page, or write-up, to tell a larger tale, and each should construct on the main one before it.

linkedin stories—bite sized updates example

For instance, break an idea into bite-sized steps. Perhaps you desire to tell your target audience steps to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The initial blog post should be a go of all your elements and utensils. The next should display two slices of bread with peanut butter using one part, and jelly on another. You get the idea.

Add colour with storytelling and transparency

Continuing the prior example, try to create that PB&J sandwich making procedure look as enjoyable, or revolutionary, or empathetic as you possibly can. Tell the story inside your Tale. Show your messy fingertips from dropping the knife in the peanut butter! Or your child experiencing that sandwich with jelly around her clothing!

This is actually the fun aspect of LinkedIn marketing. Most of us see those lengthy articles about individuals being motivated by mentors or workers, or perhaps a great learning knowledge. This is your possiblity to visualize those tales and make sure they are a lot more relatable to your viewers.

linkedin stories—storytelling with visuals example

You may use this function to lean into images, fun stats, and much more in a visible way. That leads us to…

Embellish your Tale

Probably the most engaging stories will be the ones that color a picture and maintain you hooked. Exactly the same will go for LinkedIn. When you may be attempting to add spice to a mundane corporate subject, there’s nothing that states it can’t end up being aesthetically pleasing.

LinkedIn contains stickers, emojis, places, and more to posting on your own story. Don’t overload, but several tastefully-placed and appropriate stickers can go quite a distance. Additionally, it may make your market feel like they’re inside.

linkedin stories—example using sticker features

Better still, let your employees execute a LinkedIn take-over for your day! Show what goes on behind the moments at your business, such as this EY intern.

Use LinkedIn Tales to strengthen your individual or business brand name

Making use of personable content isn’t simply for Instagram or Facebook. Preferably, you ought to have a conversational and relatable tone throughout all your marketing material. Even though LinkedIn may function as more formal, professional system, that doesn’t mean your Tales won’t succeed. In fact, they may be a refreshing modification for the followers.

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